Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FREE Makeup Class Episode 2

Salam Semua!

Ye, I organise FREE Makeup Class - untuk berkongsi ilmu... lepas ni, cik kak-cik kak bolehlah melaram untuk suami & keluarga... best kan? Kali ni, theme dia "Chocolate Souffle" - ketahui cara-cara untuk menggunakan warna-warna coklat untuk solekan & bagaimana nak tampil elegan dengan gaya solekan COklat!

So yes, I duk promote kat my FB  page: ; so if you nak Makeup updates and produk discussion, join me at Facebook, and I'll keep you updated InsyaAllah...

FREE makeup class ni dibuka untuk semua; previous class ada orang datang dari Singapore pun ada..
Alhamdulillah... :)

Ha! Ni dia gambar FREE Makeup Class Episode 1:

 Before & After

 Group Picture!! :)

Free Makeup Class Episode 2

Tarikh: 10 October 2010
Waktu: 3pm tp 5pm
Lokasi: Kelana Jaya.

Terbuka kepada semua female (no males allowed - sorry) Berminat? SMS saya di 016-389 1218; nanti I bagi alamat..

Jazakallah Khair


Majlis Bertandang @ Bukit Jelutong

Majlis di pihak lelaki pulak.. I use MAC & Kryolan, with pigments and colored liners. You look gorgeous Marina! *hugs*

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Majlis Pertunangan @ Sungai Buloh

For Miss E's majlis pertunangan, dia pakai baju hijau with yellowish tudung. Tips solekan untuk berpadanan dengan baju, eye makeup dia tak boleh 100% ikut warna baju - nanti nampak flat & bosan. Oleh itu, untuk solekan Miss E, saya menggunakan pigments MAC berwarna bronze di kelopak mata, kemudian menggunakan eyeliner Shu Uemura berwarna hijau dibahagian bawah alis mata. Hasilnya? Miss E tampak Vavavoom, namun tetap sweet giler.. cantik in-person, cantik dalam pictures. Alhamdulillah.... :)

Trial Makeup @ Bangi

Bakal pengantin ni, ada 3 majlis. Salah satu majlis ialah di dewan. Oleh itu, kenalah makeup yang lebih mengancam tapi pada masa yang sama nampak sweet.. Oleh itu saya menggunakan glitter di bahagian mata, so that setiap kali pengantin kelip mata akan nampak pancaran cahaya! memang meletup! cantikk.... :)

Owh, lupa nak cakap. lepas trial makeup kami shake hands, sebab dia kata "YOU'RE HIRED!"
yeay! Alhamdulillah....... :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

FREE Makeup Class Episode 1

Salaam All,

I'm pleased to announce that I am organising a FREE (yes darl, FREE!) Makeup class for this coming Sunday, 5th September @ Kelana Jaya. The theme? "Smokey Pagi Raya" Yes, smokey! Hehe

It's first sms first first serve basis, therefore please send me a text @ 0163891218 with your Full Name and Email. I'll email confirmed participants with details. Limited to 18 seats!

Happy? Me too! :)

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Lurvies Warmies,


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Professional Makeup Training @ Nurul Shukor Academy

Salaam All,

Thanks for dropping by my humble blog.

For a start, let me share with you my work of art! I'll comment further on how to achieve the look as we go along, okey? :)

Here we go!

This is my first makeover at the class. It was a disaster! At first I was using a combination of gold and black for the eyeshadow, and because the blending was poor, Laila looked like a tiger! (sorry babe) I had to remove the eye makeup and redo the whole thing again. Yes, eye makeup takes up most of the makeup time. Once we're done with the eye makeup, everything will be easier - InsyaAllah.
So in the end, I changes it to this purple and black eye shadow. We call it Soft Socket eye makeup. InsyaAllah I post up a video on this.

Up next! 2nd Class

For every practical session, we need to bring a model for us to practice the makeup techniques on. It was a problem for all of us, the students, because it's not easy to find someone whom willing to travel all the way to Ampang, and be there from 7.30 to 11pm... But I am lucky to have very supportive friends and family! (Alhamdulillah) For this one, I brought along Laila again, but I need to do makeup on another model for us to practice doing makeup on different face shape.

My model was really happy with the results; especially the face contouring. We can see here that her face is more defined and sharper. I managed to even out her skin tone too. Not bad for second practical, kan?? :)

My 3rd Practical Session
This is what we call as Socket Eye Makeup. I love to work on Farah's makeup. She has flawless golden skin tone and I take this opportunity to play up her eyes with green shadows to complement her nice skintone! Owh, I absolutely love this technique coz it really makes the eyes pop!

Check out my youtube post on this too! (please don't laugh!) hehehehe
My 4th Practical Class
This is by far the most enjoyable class ever! We been doing our makeup in a quiet room up to this point. On this day, I decided to bring speakers and Azuraa's sister brought her laptop, and we play Rhianna & Beyonce. The results; it brought out the Diva in ourselves and started creating daring and brace artworks like this:

I loike!!!!!

My Fifth Makeup Session

Smokey Eye Makeup

Find out how to achieve this look with my youtube simple tutorial

My 6th Makeup Session

My favourite makeup session - it was a very memorable day with my sister-in-law. But the results? Gorgeous!!! I love you kak Nurul!

My Final Makeover @ Nurul Shukor Touch Academy

Hari yang sedih meninggalkan akademi....

Until I see you again, do leave a comment yeah? Loviessss